JUMPSTART YOUR BUSINESS™️ Protect Your Brand Business Kit!




Protect Your Brand Business Kit!

What would you do if the very BRAND that you are soo passionate about, was taken away from YOU because YOU neglected to PROTECT YOUR BRAND?

Have you recently started your business, but don’t have client agreements in place to protect your brand? If your answer is no, It’s time to PROTECT YOUR BRAND!

The Jumpstart Your Business™ Protect Your Brand Business Kit includes the necessary templates needed to protect your brand. In this kit you will receive the following templates:

Master Service Agreement (Client Contract)-Outlines the terms of the future service transactions between you and your client. This is used when
on-boarding a new client.

Non-Disclosure Agreement– It’s a legal binding document and contract that requires both parties that sign the agreement to not disclose any sensitive information. This agreement is used before sharing or discussing sensitive information with another party.

Independent Contractor Agreement-It’s a written contract that is used when hiring an outside vendor. It describes the terms and specific details of the project such as; project description, payment details, and length of contract, and any confidentiality clauses. This agreement is used when hiring an outside vendor who will invoice you for a service they provide.

Media Release Form-This form grants you permission to sell and distribute another persons audio, video, photographs and recordings. This is used anytime someone appears on your podcast, live web shows, live events, via audio, visually in media that you possess.

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